There are essentially two kinds of muscles in the body: movement muscles, and stabilizer muscles. The biceps are a great example of movement muscles because they assist your arms with pulling movements.  Stabilizer muscles help your body maintain structure and alignment during dynamic movements, like getting out of bed in the morning.  The abdominal muscles are a great example of stabilizer muscles because they are designed to keep your spine upright and your body strong while you engage in various ballistic and athletic movements.  So while you are running, jumping, pushing, and pulling, your abs should be contracting to keep your spine in proper alignment. This means if you want to get maximal results from working your abs in minimal time, you need to work your abs in the way they should be used! This is one of the advantages to incorporating the Proteus Ball exercises in to your workout routines. 

Many people rely on crunches or sit ups to strengthen and tone the core, but these movements require the abdominal muscles to function as movement muscles.  While you may feel that “workout burn” when you are doing these exercises, it is truly an inefficient training method. 

This is where the Proteus Ball can help you maximize your workout.  Not only will you strengthen and tone your core, but you will also burn more calories.  As you engage in pushing, pulling, squatting, and rotating movements, the inertia created by the water produces an instability that forces your abdominal muscles to stabilize constantly.

With this new, revolutionary Proteus Ball, you get the benefits of core toning and cardio in one workout! By doing the exercises described here, you will burn calories and improve core strength and overall muscle tone—in less than an hour a day!  Long gone are the days of spending hours in the gym using monotonous machines.  Now you can get results in half the time with the Proteus Ball!