Proteus Advantages:

Increase Muscle Fiber Recruitment.

The Proteus Ball forces your forearms to compensate against the lateral inertia of the water inside, in addition to the vertical resistance of gravity.  Allowing the ball to lean even a few degrees right or left will cause the water to tip, and start displacing the weight.  In essence, the Proteus Ball requires your muscles to counterbalance the shifting water, which uses more muscle groups. If you have lifted normal weights in the past, you might reach a plateau. Try adding the Proteus Ball to your exercise program.  It may be the answer you have been seeking!

Scalable Weight Resistance

The Proteus Ball is weight resistance scalable. With other home exercise equipment like Kettleballs or Medicineballs, you need more than one to experience variious weights. Since the Proteus Ball uses the hydration properties of water, you just fill it to the desired weight to fit your work out level. Once you have mastered a weight level, just add more water and increase your fitness level.


Multiple Grasping Surfaces

Although it is possible to use one or two hands on a kettlebell, many athletes find it strenuous to perform two-handed lifts with a single kettlebell.  People often need to start with very light weights for certain movements, and low weight kettlebells are so small that the ergonomics are totally off!  The simple solution: add a second handle, as we have done with the Proteus ball.  It makes movements such as the Russian Twists and Chest Press much easier, and will also help you work more muscle groups with one exercise.




Safe and Easy Handling

To add variety to both solo and partner based movements, the Proteus Ball can easily be passed from hand to hand.  Trying to do similar movements with dumbbells and other weights can be frustrating and unsafe.  Dumbbells are easy to drop, and weighted medicine balls are often too bulky and awkward for fine movements.  With the Proteus Ball, these problems are eliminated.




Conditioning - Not Just for Workouts!

The use of controlled weights during lifts is extremely beneficial. Learning to manage heavy weights that are constantly shifting can help develop very valuable skills not only in your athletic realm but also for your everyday life.  It creates heavy duty conditioning to support the development of things like a stronger grasp, which is useful for picking up heavy and dynamic things in life like your children!






Total Engagement

One huge advantage of the Proteus Ball is that because of the way the weight rests in your hands, it requires you to stay flexed and tight during the entire range of motion.  Staying flexed during exercise movements causes more stimulation of muscle growth, which means you will see results faster.


Strengthen the Entire Posterior Chain

Many of the foundational Proteus exercises will help strengthen and tone all the muscles in your posterior chain. Unfortunately, most people neglect these muscles because they aren’t “mirror muscles,” but there are huge advantages to a strong back, hamstrings, and calves. These muscles are not only useful for everyday movements but also serve as helpful agonist muscles during lifts that focus on other parts of the body. With the Proteus ball, you can add the ideal amount of resistance for these exercises, and strengthen these important muscles quickly.